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For a lot of people, spring cleaning are two dirty words. When they hear those words, that means they’ll be spending all weekend trimming the hedges, mowing the lawn, cleaning out the garage, & cleaning out that creepy attic. But when it comes to commercial HVAC spring maintenance, this should sound like music to your ears! Better yet, we’ll do all the work.

So, what will we do? Well, you won’t catch us power-washing your sidewalks. What we will do is check every single one of your units used to cool, in order to make them perform at peak efficiency. We will conduct a 23-point check sheet on each unit, conducted by a Union-trained HVAC technician. During this annual check-up, we’ll record blood pressure, cholesterol … oops, wrong type of annual check-up! Without giving away the milk for free, you can rest assured knowing that all of your units have been meticulously inspected. We’ll clean them, which may even save you a nickel on your electric bill.

Let’s be realistic, too: Not every single unit is going to operating 100% correctly, all of the time, especially if you have 50 different units. So while we have some of the best service technicians in the state on your roof, in your mechanical rooms, and/or canvassing your grounds, they’ll repair any unit that has problem(s), even if you didn’t notice an issue. It’s a good feeling when we tell one of our customers, “Unit number 9A, that serves the conference room in building 2, wasn’t going to be able to cool, but I went ahead & fixed that for you”. When they reply, “I’m so glad, because we have the most important meeting of the year in that room tomorrow”, we just smile.

If you have 100 units on your roof, you may not even physically see us doing all of this work. One of the most common complaints I hear from future customers about other vendors, is the lack of communication. They have no idea what has been done to which units. We pride ourselves on checking in/checking out. Just as important, when we spend all that time performing a check-up, or changing your filters, or even making a repair, we make sure to send you a copy of everything we’ve done. So even if it sounds like we told you we replaced your flux capacitor, you’ll get a detailed description of what was actually done to keep for your records.

No matter your unique HVAC situation, we’ve seen it all. Whether you’ve got a more common split-system/package unit/rooftop unit design, or you’ve got chillers, cooling towers, computer-room units, ductless mini-splits, make-up-air units, water-source heat pumps, or all of the above, let us give you a summary of the “health” of your HVAC system.